We can supply both branded and personalised wines and champagne for your wedding and large events. Just contact Kevin Foster on info@wine2dine4.co.uk for a quotation or to discuss details.

Personalised Wedding Wine & Champagne

Jonathan and Sinita

Personalised wine and champagne is a great way to create a unique and unforgettable wedding. Personalised labels are a really romantic way to set the scene at your reception and i's surprisingly affordable!

From our range of personalised wine labels we can even colour co-ordinate the labels to compliment the key colours in your decor. While we cannot always guarantee an exact match, we can probably get pretty close.

Alternatively we can design a unique label if required – although we’ll require a little more time to do this – or you could even supply your own design.

An increasingly popular option is to include a photo of the happy couple on the label. A really nice touch is to use a picture of them as babies or toddlers! We have a couple of standard labels in our range which allow you to upload more than one photo for this very purpose!

We will of course supply a copy of the label for your approval prior to printing and applying to the bottles.

Personalised Wedding Wine & Champagne

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Wedding Wines and Champagnes Price List

Some great ideas for personalised wine & champagne

As a Thank You

Say a Thank You to the Best Man or Bridesmaids
  • to the Best Man
  • to the Bridesmaids (over 18!)
  • to the Brides Parents
  • to the Ushers
  • for the wedding cake
  • for the wedding dress
  • for the flowers
  • for the reception

As a gift to the Bride and Groom

As a 1st Anniversary gift to the happy couple

As a 1st Anniversary gift to each other!

As the invitation to your wedding!

As wedding guest favours

And of course, for the table wine and champagne at the reception!

Selecting the right wine

We can supply you with any wine from our range for your event and can suggest wines suitable for most budgets. However, for a large gathering you need to cater for a wide variety of tastes, and a very expensive wine or champagne will most likely be wasted on many of your guests, so here’s a few things to consider to help you with your decision.

Your Guests

First of all what kind of wine do you like (after all it’s your day!)? What do most of your friends and family prefer? Would they enjoy a glass or two of really nice wine to sip as they socialise? Or indeed is wine not that important to your guests?

The Time of Year

Is your reception in the middle of summer or in the dead of winter? The season can definitely make a big difference as to which wine you decide to serve them. Are you trying to warm them up or keep them refreshed? For example for a winter wedding you may even offer a mulled wine as an option as your guests arrive at the reception.

In the colder months, red wines may be more popular than whites and vice versa in the warmer part of the year – maybe even consider a dry rose.

The Menu

We at Wine 2 Dine 4, are great advocates of choosing wine which compliments the food and have a comprehensive wine and food matching section on this website – click on the following links to find out more:

What Wine with What Food? – Basic Rules of ThumbGolden Rules for Dinner Parties

What's Your Budget?

I began this section by saying that really expensive wines will very often be wasted on most of your guests, so it's good to bear that in mind when choosing your wines. Having said that wines do not have to break the bank to be regarded as 'very good' and we at Wine 2 Dine 4 have an excellent range of mid-priced wines which would undoubtedly fit the bit for most tastes.

If you need assistance selecting the wine, please contact Kevin Foster at info@wine2dine4.co.uk and we’ll be delighted to help.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

As no wedding is complete without a bit of bubbly, we generally suggest one of our house Champagnes for large events as they offer such good value. However, we can supply alternative sparkling wines to suit your budget. We even have an English sparkling wine which has beaten many French Champagnes in blind tastings!

How much wine will you need?

As ever with large gatherings, some guests will drink less than others, but as a general rule of thumb allow for about half a bottle per guest. (There are approx 6 glasses per bottle).

It’s also a good idea to consider what time of day you’re having your reception. People often drink a little less at an afternoon wedding than at an evening event. If they’re drinking in the afternoon, you may find one or two having a snooze by early evening!

And Finally – Corkage!

If you're holding your reception at a hotel, they will undoubtedly expect to charge you a corkage fee. The rationale for this is that if they had sold you their own wine and champagne, they would have made a significant mark up – very often 100% or more. A corkage charge is by way of compensation for this.

It's a good idea to negotiate the corkage rate before making the booking as the hotel manager is likely to be more flexible with his rates if the booking depends on it.
Even allowing for corkage, supplying your own wines or champagne will still usually cost less than using those supplied by the venue.

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