Employee Of The Month Label

Staff recognition and rewards

  • Sales person of the month
  • Employee of the month
  • Closing a major contract
  • Exceptional performance
  • Thank you for your help
  • Happy Christmas & New Year

Staff incentives

  • Sales Blitz Days
  • Special training events

Loyal Customer Gifts

  • Customer Business birthday
  • Customer Business Anniversary
  • Purchasing Managers Birthday
  • Managing Directors Birthday
  • Thank you for the order / contract
  • Well done / congratulations
  • Happy Christmas & New Year


A range of corporate labels
  • New product or new service Launch
  • Event invitations
  • Company Anniversary
  • New branch opening
  • Supplier incentives
  • Brand awareness
  • Formal celebration dinners
  • Golf days and special events
  • Corporate hospitality
  • Commemorative gifts
  • Exhibition give-aways

Some Business ideas for Personalised Wine

Car Dealers, Car manufacturers, Leasing Companies

How about a thank you gift with a new vehicle whether it’s a car or a van?
Maybe a thank you wine gift for a long term or regular customer – or even to say sorry when something goes wrong. Have it fully branded with your company logo for maximum impact.

Estate Agents

Estate Agents & Property Developers

A ‘Thank You For Your Business’, or ’Welcome To Your New Home’ wine gift or champagne gift is a great way to wish good luck and happiness to your customers. Maybe even a picture of their new home on the label for an even more personal message?

Holiday Homes and Holiday Cottages

What more inviting way to begin a holiday than to have a ‘Welcome To Your Holiday Home’ bottle of wine on the table when they arrive? A personalised label on the bottle with a picture of the holiday home will add that something special to the wine gift.

Event Invitations

You’re organising an important event. What better way to ensure they read the invitation than by putting it on a wine label? No chance that this invitation will be at the bottom of someone’s ‘in tray’. With an invitation like that, why would they not be there?

Sponsoring a Sporting Event

Personalised wine and champagne is the ideal promotional tool for large corporate organisations such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Finance Houses, etc., when sponsoring a sporting event or hosting corporate hospitality events.

Sports Labels

Private Schools and Colleges

Personalised labelled wine will raise your school or college’s image and separate you from the rest. Ideal for all your special events from Parents evenings, re-unions, alumni events and end of year balls. Individual wine gifts are Ideal for saying ‘Thank You’ to PTA members or ‘Goodbye’ to colleagues who are moving on or retiring.

Awards & Trophies for Staff

Nothing motivates staff like a personalised bottle of champagne or wine. Putting their name or photograph on a bottle shows your employees that their efforts have been recognised and appreciated.

Boat Owners and Yacht Brokers

All boat owners like to ‘splice the mainbrace’. What better way than to do it than with your own boat name on the bottle? And for Yacht Brokers, what better way to celebrate the handover of a new yacht than with a personalised bottle of champagne – with the name of the yacht together with the new owner’s name?

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